EOS has had a remarkable period during the last two months, due to its triumph over Litecoin, when this current managed to go past LTC with having its market cap significantly magnified. As the market is recovering once again, now from a market dip of 7 days, EOS has started to go up against the dollar, however, on the day 3 of the mentioned rebound, EOS seems to be slowing down while collecting a minor rise and dropping against BTC and ETH. On the other side, there’s some good news for EOS as well, as the team behind Block.one has just gotten a new addition to their team by getting a new COO and group leader of their team. Let’s find out more about the new arrival to the EOS team, as well as see how EOS has been doing these days.

EOS Gets a New Team Member from the Commonwealth Bank

Yesterday, on May 14th, the public was able to find out that the team behind the EOS network has just gotten a new addition to the team, straight from Australia, as the former CFO of the Commonwealth Bank, Rob Jesudason.

Mr. Jesudason gave his immediate resignation to his previous title of CFO to the Australian branch of the Commonwealth Bank. It seems that the former CFO of the mentioned bank has decided to leave his working position in this bank so he could accept the new position he was offered earlier.

That is how Jesudason became the new group leader alongside with becoming the chief operating officer of Block.one team. Block.one is actually a blockchain company that has managed to create EOS.io, that way creating the currently fifth-best currency on the global coin ranking list.

Block.one has created EOS tokens that were launched as initial coin offering in June 2017, which means that EOS is soon to turn one year since the date it was officially launched.

It is planned to have the tokens distributed till July of 2018.

On the occasion of welcoming Jesudason to their team, CEO of Block.one stated that he sees their new COO and group leader as what he described to be a perfect fit for their companies.

Blumer, the CEO of Block.one, also added that he is most certainly assured that Jesudason will make a great addition to the team as he is known by the facilitation of emerging technologies, working on regulations and providing advice in the mentioned area.

By leaving his previous position at the Commonwealth Bank, the current group leader and COO of the blockchain company that created EOS tokens, has left the Australian public in a state of shock. However, Jesudason’s case is not lonely as we have already seen important members of traditional financial sectors and banking institutions, leaving their positions in order to join the new technological movement in the area of financial technology.

EOS and the Market

With over 12 billion dollars in its market capitalization, alongside with still holding its most recently acquired spot of the fifth-best currency, EOS seems to be doing pretty fine during the last 24 hours, although it is more than obvious that EOS is slowing down while being far from the top trading currency of the day.

As the market is being recovered for the past 3 days after a period of seven days of having the majority of currencies going down against the dollar, EOS is going up as well, although at a slower pace if it is to judge on its most recent gains.

Following the latest change in the market, EOS is going up against the dollar while trading in the green, however, the gains are rather small, so EOS only managed to collect 0.20% against this fiat currency.

While this asset has acquired only a minor raise against the dollar, we can see it going down against Ethereum by -1.82% while trading in the red, and dropping against BTC by -1.98%.

That means that ETH and BTC are currently doing better in the market when compared to EOS.

After the most recent change in the market, EOS can be traded at the price of 14.06$ per one unit. This currency managed to set its record price of around 20$ back at the end of April 2018, which was only a couple of weeks ago from the time of this writing.

Back in January, EOS set its first all-time high of around 15.60$, and we can see it getting closer to its first all-time high once again. However, EOS will need to acquire a higher pace of growth in order to get back and beyond the value of 20$.


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