Ethereum (ETH), the second-best currency in accordance with its market cap and the leading decentralized platform in terms of creating and deploying smart contracts, has just had the ETH annual summit in one part of Brooklyn, in New York City. The Ethereal Summit was held by one of Ethereum’s incubators, ConsenSys, which is an ETH-based start-up incubator. During this occasion, ETH devotees and visitors of the summit could hear more about what Ethereum and the team behind this currency have managed to done so far, as well as enjoy having ETH roasted by a Daily Show comedian as a part of the summit. So, what in fact Ethereum managed to succeed since it was first launched as an initial coin offering and what else the Ethereal Summit brought to its visitors?

Creating with Ethereum: The Ethereal Summit

One of the greatest contributions to the world of blockchain technology, as made possible by Ethereum (ETH), is the use of smart contracts for making and deploying decentralized applications in a simple and easy way for any purpose.

The Ethereal Summit that was held in Brooklyn for two days, ending on May 12th, that way concluding the summit that was a part of the annual Blockchain Week in New York City. During the Ethereal summit, all visitors had a chance to reflect on everything that Ethereum has done for the world of blockchain and decentralization.

On this matter, one of ConsenSys representatives stated that it would be a massive success for Ethereal Summit if all the visitors could stop for a moment and think about how decentralization and blockchain technology is changing the way we think and the way we work, that way creating an empowered, brighter future.

What the team takes the most pride in is precisely the possibility of creating with Ethereum thanks to the ability to manipulate with smart contracts in a way that allows developers to create different types of decentralized applications in a simple and cost-effective way, making it ever easily deployable and even more accessible and transparent.

That is how, step-by-step, Ethereum (ETH) is able to change the way people perceive the use of Dapps and blockchain environment, by allowing all users to realize the fact that many amazing things can be accomplished with the clever simplicity of blockchain based technology, of which Ethereum is a part of.

Since the ETH summit was held in one of the characteristic galleries in Brooklyn, visitors had more fun that it would be originally thought when considering going on a fintech summit dedicated to Ethereum.

That is how all visitors could stop and take a look (some were even kneeling, which seemed to be a whole lot of fun as well) at one of the art installations that were hosted on Ethereal Summit – an altar decorated with neon lights and dedicated to Satoshi Nakamoto, the original pseudonym of Bitcoin’s creator and the “father” of blockchain technology and digital assets.

In addition to exposing this fun and quirky altar in honor of the father of Bitcoin, the visitors could also enjoy a roasting show in honor of Ethereum, which was held by a Daily Show comedian.

At the end of the Ethereal Summit, Aya Miyaguchi, the executive director of Ethereum Foundation, called out to all the visitors, around 1400 of them at the summit, to action, addressing the importance of creating with blockchain technology and ETH smart contract tools for decentralized apps.

Ethereum (ETH) and the Market

After going over the value of 800$ once again during the last days of the last month of April, Ethereum has gone down with the latest market trend of having the majority of currencies trading in the red. The trend lasted for more than a week and it ended two days ago once the majority of cryptos got back to the green zone again.

During the course of 60 days, Ethereum couldn’t do much due to the fact that a part of this period was stroke by the market dip that was active at the time, so it only managed to rise up for 16% during the period of two months.

April came as more benevolent for Ethereum, so ETH went up by 44% in the course of the last 30 days. However, we could have seen it plummeting with the market trend in the last 7 days when ETH managed to lose -10% of its value in the last week.

However, with the changing trend, the market is turn9ing bullish again, so we can see Ethereum going up by 1.35%, which is definitely not a result of a top performer of the week. After the latest change in the market and with euphoric introspective on this year’s Ethereal Summit, ETH can be currently traded at the price of 710.36$ per one unit.

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