Einsteinium (EMC2) stands for a pretty interesting concept, given the fact that EMC2 can help you launch almost any kind of project as you are starting from slate. Starting from zero is never easy, so Einsteinium was launched back in 2014 with the idea of helping its users by helping them organize fundraisers and crowdfunding campaigns. Getting on its popularity in 2017, even though it was launched 3 years before the mentioned year, EMC2 even managed to get past the price of 2$ per one unit back in December 2017. However, we could soon see it falling faster than it was able to climb due to the latest market crash that lasted for more than 8 weeks. Now that the market dip is over, we are interested in finding out how well is Einsteinium getting along with the current state of the crypto market.

Is Einsteinium (EMC2) heading Towards Recovery?

While EMC2 managed to rise up against the dollar for 1800% during the course of a single year, this currency didn’t do that well in the course of the last 60 days, probably due to the market crash that was active during the great part of the mentioned period of two months.

That is how during the course of 60 days, Einsteinium went down against the dollar by -21%, while a great portion of currencies was able to collect a significant number in rises during the mentioned period. Needless to say, that Einsteinium started to trade far from the value of 2$ ever since the market crash commenced its 8-weeks long hegemony over the crypto market.

During the course of the last two weeks, EMC2 went down for -17%, however, April was pretty benevolent to this currency so Einsteinium managed to collect a set of the rise in a total of 33% against the dollar.

The market turned sluggish again after April was over, so the majority of currencies in the market started to drop once again. That is how Einsteinium went down by -13% against the dollar during the course of the last 7 days, making the last two months pretty hard for EMC2.

Einsteinium (EMC2) managed to reach its all-time high of 2.30$ per one EMC2 due to a successful hard fork that was planned in order to boost the price of this currency while going up for over 50% in a very short period of time. After plummeting in its value, EMC2 was never able to get back to its all-time high.

Einsteinium Foundation is Helping Students

During the massive rebound of the majority of currencies in April, Einsteinium started an official EMC2 website that would serve the purpose of helping students and academics share their ideas, findings, theories and develop together with the EMC2 community.
Within this project, scientific organizations and students are able to raise awareness on the projects they are working on, as well as start a crowdfunding campaign that would help them fund their projects with the help of Einsteinium application.

Einsteinium, although ranked as the 201st-best coin on the global coin ranking list, might be worthy of attention in the eyes of investors and people who are interested in funding their projects with the presence and involvement of third parties and middleman.

Einsteinium and the Market

After losing more than 50% of its value since the time when EMC2 was able to set a record price of around 2$ per one unit, Einsteinium (EMC2) is trading back in the green once again.

As the market has turned bullish yesterday on May 13th, the majority of currencies started to trade in the green while collecting rises, in what seems to be another massive rebound.
After having a rough week in the last 7 days where the majority of currencies were going down with the market trend of trading in the red, we can finally see some positive changes in the market.

Following the latest change in the market, Einsteinium is finally trading up against the dollar, going up by 20.52% against this fiat currency while trading in the green.

In addition to rising against the dollar, EMC2 is also going up in oppose to BTC, going up by over 22%, which means that this currency is doing better than Bitcoin at the current moment.

After the latest change in the market, it is obvious that EMC2 started to recover, heading towards a more flattering price with the latest rise of over 20% against the dollar. With the most recent change in its price, Einsteinium (EMC2) can be traded at the price of 0.28$ per one unit.


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