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As many Altcoins continue with infrastructure developments, the Wanchain (WAN) progress seems to confirm the networks quest to break even in the cross-chain sector. Wanchain is the first of its kind to helps different coins and tokens to exchange value. Exchanging virtual assets has always proved a hard nut to crack in decentralized environment.

With Wanchain, you can be able to develop a wide range of Apps that are missing in the sector and connect with other players. This is a bridge to transfer data and other information with other partner chains. This has endeared the Chinese government and other blockchain players in the industry to warm up to the ecosystem.

Strategic Wanchain (WAN) Partnerships: Hangzhou Blockchain Alliance

Wanchain strategic partnerships appear like a list of the movers and shakers in the blockchain scenario. After visiting the Wanchain offices in in Beijing, Hangzhou Blockchain alliance (HBA) on 7th May, it is clear that a long lasting cooperation is in the offing.

If the deal sails through, HBA will bring over 50 blockchain stakeholders onboard the network. This will transform Wanchain to be the launching pad for more blockchain based projects. The cooperation will extend beyond project development at the WANLab but will aid the outfit markets its products to the Chinese market and beyond.

Ministry of Agriculture Wanchain Meeting

Wanchain is set to have a huge impact on the agricultural sector. If adopted, the blockchain technology will change how the agricultural business is done not only in Chine but the larger Asia and the world. The meeting held on May 8th focused on ways to adopt the Wanchain outfit for better agriculture practices adoption.

With the May 8th Wanchain meeting with the Chinese Agriculture ministry will go a long way in reshaping the agricultural sector in the near future. However, this was not only centered on the Chinese alone but officials from India, Afghanistan and Malaysia.

By reaching out to the larger Asian community, Wanchain is sending a very clear message to the blockchain fraternity; there is need to a single outfit to coordinate all activities of other blockchains to deliver seamlessly to the consumer.

Wanchain Invite by One Road Innovation Forum and One Belt

The invitation by One Road Innovation and One Belt in Xiamen on 11th May was a good clarification on how the Wanchain ecosystem can bring together individual blockchain to a single ecosystem. The meeting, attended by over 1,000 stakeholders is a clear indication how Wanchain is set to bring together other chains in isolation to a single ecosystem.

Bringing all blockchain together means efficiency and fast transactions through an efficiency laden interface. The Wanchain cross-chain interface will make it easy to conduct businesses compared to a scenario where individual blockchains remain isolated.

Wanchain (WAN) Belt and Road Initiate Meet

Wanchain invitation to the Belt and Road Initiate Conference (BARIC) and InnoFund is another opportunity the coin should get hold of. With more than 300 tech savvy startups in the offing on the Wanchain network, it is clear that the outfit is set to revolutionize the cross-chain landscape by adding value.

The BARIC conference on 12 May was InnoFunds’ initiative to help Wanchain showcase their plans. InnoFund is Chinas largest fund group and has a lot of influence in the startup funding in the Asian sub-continent. This is an easy win for Wanchain adoption to grow their brand in the continent before going global.

Wanchain (WAN) Product

The Wanchain Name Services (WNS) is what is giving the outfit increased popularity. This is a naming system that you can expand in a distributed environment according to their GitHub page.  However, this product will allow you to register your own domains name for your wallet address and avoid using then the common set of alphanumeric addresses.

To register a domain name on the Wanchain system, you have to go through a binding process. You can get a top domain like your name.wan as long as your name is comprised on six or less characters. This is a new version just like .com and .info naming system.

Wanchain (WAN) Team and NEM Huobi Meet up

There are changes in the Wanchain core team that seeks to move the coin to the next level in line with their roadmap. According to their website, these changes are necessary to achieve their goals and ensure the project is on course.  With Dynal Patel being the new Director of Strategic partnership, Wanchain is set to move to the next level in terms of adoption and value.

Although the coin has not been performing pretty well, the Wanchain, Huobi and NEM meet-up could change WAN fortunes even before Q3. This will be hosted by the later in Malaysia to chart the way forward for corporation with the ever expanding Wanchain Network.

The Wanchain, Huobi and NEM meeting might change how blockchain interact and usher a new era for WAN which is currently trading at $7.80. The coins recovery has been steady gaining against the USD dollar by a marginal 3.23% and 0.93% against the BTC. This is set to change as the partnerships and collaborations become effective in the coming months.

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