Verge (XVG) has been one of the most talked-about coins during the course of the last two months, especially with the announcement of the mystery partnership that took place on April 17th. Back then, we were able to find out that thanks to the partnership with MindGeek, XVG will become a part of Pornhub as one of the payment methods, which is set to affect the exposure of XVG in a positive way. Now that we can see XVG dropping against the dollar while following the latest market trend, the focus isn’t set on the losses but on another move that Verge made towards increasing its chances for establishing the mass adoption of XVG and its technology. Let’s see what Verge has been up to these days.

Verge Announced Listing on BiteBTC

By using the official Verge Currency Twitter page, the XVG team has announced two days ago that their currency is going to get listed on a new exchange market. This time, Verge got accepted by BiteBTC.

In the announcement, the team added that XVG will be available for live trading and investing, from May 10th, which was set for yesterday, after which Verge will become a part of BiteBTC exchange market listing.

Having any coin listed on a new exchange is always an exciting thing, as that means that its trading volume, value, and exposure usually get increased in the days after the listing becomes official. That is how it is expected to see XVG rising above its current value as soon as the current market trend gets worn out and the majority of cryptos start trading in the green again.

Verge XVG Debit Cards

A couple of weeks ago, TokenPay has announced that their team is going to buy off 9.9% of shares of a German bank in Munich with the purpose of issuing crypto debit cards. TokenPay then announced that XVG will be the first crypto to get its own debit card thanks to the mentioned venture with the German bank.

It is no wonder that TPAY is choosing Verge to become the first crypto to have its own debit card issued by this bank, as TokenPay supported XVG during their first crowdfunding campaign, giving them support so they would be able to acquire their partnership with MindGeek.

After making sure that Verge got on board with MindGeek, Brazzers, and Pornhub, TokenPay could go on with the next steps towards providing a debit card for XVG, although XVG won’t be the only crypto to get its own card.

Verge has finally confirmed with an official tweet, two days ago, that TokenPay has officially sealed the deal with the mentioned German bank, which means that XVG debit cards are coming pretty soon.

Verge on FLOGmall

Verge (XVG) surprised their followers with another positive announcement on Twitter where they have stated that Verge will be available as a payment method on FLOGmall as of May 10th.

FLOGmall is a rather new internet commerce store and it accepts all kinds of currencies, now including Verge, as XVG has just been added to FLOGmall as one of the possible payment options.

FLOGmall works on providing e-commerce services while connecting buyers and sellers easily, allowing them to pay for their products, and to get paid with more than just a single payment option.

Although not greater than appearing on Pornhub as one of the payment methods, having Verge accepted in another store makes up for another smart move behind the XVG team that will most certainly contribute to the further exposure of this currency.

Verge and the Market

Although the market was able to take a brief break two days ago on May 9th when the majority of currencies were able to get a short rebound while collecting some rises along the way, we can see the majority of cryptos dropping again with the latest market trend.

Verge is no exception either as we can see it dropping at a pretty defeating rate.

After the latest change in the market, XVG is dropping against the dollar while trading in the red. That means that after the latest change in the last 24 hours, Verge has gone down for over -19% against the dollar, which is a pretty rough drop.

In addition to dropping against the dollar, XVG is also going down in oppose to BTC, going down against Bitcoin for -12.59%.

Following the latest change that affected the market value of XVG, Verge (XVG) can be currently bought at the price of 0.059$ per one unit, which is still far from its all-time high of around 0.22$.


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