Odyssey (OCN), although ranked as only the 200th coin on the global coin ranking list with a “bit” over 63 million dollars of its market capitalization, makes up for a pretty promising coin. This is especially the case with the recent announcement with the beginning of May, where the OCN team talked about working on the development of their own blockchain. Talking about the OCN network, the team mentioned that they will be working on something a bit different as they are planning on creating a form of advanced protocol for the cross-border operating network. Let’s see what else we were able to find out about the development of Odyssey’s network.

Odyssey is working on its own Blockchain Network

Odyssey (OCN) has announced at the beginning of May that their team will be working on developing their own blockchain that would work in form of an advanced type of cross-border blockchain.

With this being said, it is presumably possible that OCN could easily sky-rocket to the moon with the launching of the initial OCN network. The team claims that there are not many platforms that deal with creating a fully scalable network with a massive potential for connecting and inter-connecting users.

Furthermore, the OCN team has added that they want to provide holders with the ability to use a network that was made with thinking about scalability and connectivity in advance, which is not the case with the majority of existing platforms, where some blockchains don’t have the technological potential needed in order to represent a scalable ecosystem with the additional room for further development.

With the development of their own network, the Odyssey team added that they are working on simplifying the implementation of other blockchain providers into OCN digital wallet and OCNPay, which would further contribute to easier transacting.

In addition to this change, the team is planning on promoting the Odyssey ecosystem by maximally lowering all transaction fees for consumers, businesses and all users that are offering services and products.

Since OCN is aiming at becoming the top peer-to-peer decentralized system for sharing economy, they are happy to announce that they will be working on a special protocol that would allow them to implement an advance cross-border blockchain protocol into their developing network.

Additionally, the team is planning on promoting decentralized economy by providing a streamline for all new providers in the Odyssey ecosystem.

The leader of this project, Sophie Guan, stated that this move shows that Odyssey cares for its community.

Further in the statement, the project leader added that they are planning on changing the game in the blockchain industry with their advanced sharing economy, so Sophie Guan invited everyone to follow up with the further progress of OCN, promising to give back the faith to the community with the newest project the team is working on.

With the revealed plan of having the OCN team integrating a special cross-border blockchain protocol, means that the Odyssey network will most certainly become stronger.

This is the case because with the mentioned cross-border protocol, in case everything goes well, OCN will be able to integrate numerous networks and chains by connecting them into the OCNPay system, working in a similar way Ethereum does with Dapps.

However, in the case with OCN network, there won’t be traffic jams, delays in transactions and emissions of slow network time because Odyssey is working on creating a fully scalable system that would be able to support these types of operations without slowing down or taking large transaction fees.

Odyssey and the Market

Odyssey (OCN) seems to be doing quite astonishing for the past two months since this currency managed to collect a rise in a total of 200% against the dollar during the course of the last 60 days.

With this amazing set of rises, OCN showcased even more astonishing rate of growth when it collected 290% of rises in the course of the last 30 days, being one of the top gainers in the past 30 days thanks to this result.

The gains kept on coming even in the past two weeks, even though the market acted a bit shaky at times, however, OCN managed to collect 23% against the dollar even then.

In the course of the last week, OCN has managed to gain only a minor increase of 0.79%, which at the same time tells a lot about the current state of the market for the past 7 days with the majority of coins and tokens going down for days.

After taking a brief break on May 9th when the majority of currencies showed a minor rebound, the market started to plummet again, drawing OCN down as well.

After the latest change in the market,Odyssey OCN has gone down for -10.69% against the dollar, which means that Odyssey can now be traded at the price of 0.031$ per one unit.


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