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If you are a gamer, then you know the satisfaction that comes with winning awards for every game level you unlock. But what if you could convert those rewards into money? That would be great, right? Well, that’s exactly what you get with the ION ionomy.

Simply put, ionomy is an internal economy for the gaming industry that is powered by the ION coin. Anytime you win awards as you game, you can convert them into money by selling your Ion (ION) for fiat or a crypto such as bitcoin. While ionomy has been around for a while, a significant portion of gamers are yet to know about it. But this is about to change thanks to a powerful partnership between ionomy and Kasey Kahne, a world famous racing icon.

His endorsement of ionomy is guaranteed to excite the gaming world and significantly push up the value of this coin.  There are several fundamentals that support this assertion. For starters, his endorsement will increase gamer interest in ionomy, going by his influence in the sports industry.

As things stand, the gaming industry has grown significantly in the last few years, with 2017 recording a growth of over 7%, and revenues of over $100 billion. If a significant chunk of these revenues are channeled into the ionomy gaming economy, then you can expect the value of Ion (ION) to grow exponentially in 2018. In fact, this coin could easily break into the top 10 cryptos within 2018, if Kasey’s endorsement bears fruit.  But this growth will not just be driven by gamers.

Game developers too are likely to ride the wave of Kasey’s endorsement. They are likely to use ionomy as a tool for attracting gamers to their platform. Considering how wide the gaming industry is, one can expect demand by game developers to significantly push up the value of ION (ION).

The best part about this partnership is that the gains from the ionomy economy can now be sold on Bitfinex. Considering that Bitfinex is one of the world’s largest exchanges, you can expect two things. One, ION (ION) coins from the ionomy gaming economy will be extremely liquid, an aspect that is critical to the value appreciation of a cryptocurrency, or any other financial asset for that matter. Secondly, Ion (ION) coins will have a higher credibility in the eyes of investors. Anytime a coin is listed on a major exchange, its credibility increases, and so does its value.
His endorsement of ionomy is guaranteed to excite the gaming world and significantly push up the liquidity levels of this coin. Already the ION (ION) price is showing signs of an upside break by rising from lows of $2 to its current price of close to $4 in the last one week.

It’s definitely a good time to be an ION (ION) holder, given that it is about to become part of become a central component of the gaming ecosystem. This is definitely a coin worth HODLING.

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