Ethereum (ETH) is one the most important cryptos in the market. That’s because it allows for the creation of all sorts of smart contracts. In fact, a good number of smart contract tokens in the market today are based on the Ethereum platform.

Unfortunately, Ethereum’s journey has not been without challenges. One of the challenges that this crypto faces is that of scalability. However, this is all about to change because the best brains in blockchain technology are coming together to find ways of making the Ethereum platform even better.

The first such grouping is working under the Ethereum (ETH) Community Fund. This is a project of four major Ethereum projects spearheaded by Cosmos and OmiseGo. The idea behind this fund is to come up with different strategies for making the Ethereum project better. In fact, the first agenda for the Ethereum Community Fund is to deal with the issue of Ethereum scalability.

Considering that the platforms coming together for this fund have the financial and technical capabilities to pull this off, expect Ethereum’s scalability issues to be resolved in the near future. Once a solution to the scalability is found, expect the value of ETH to skyrocket. In fact, this could be the fuel that Ethereum needs for it to achieve flippenning with Bitcoin, because its market capitalization would surge significantly.

But this is not the only project looking to make Ethereum better, the ConsenSys project is also working in the same direction. This is even bigger than the Ethereum Community fund considering that it is bringing together 47 projects all aimed at making the Ethereum project better.  The zeal and determination of this project to make the Ethereum platform better is quite visible in Joseph Lubin’s (ConsenSys founder) tweet a few hours ago. He tweeted that,

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 600+ developers, entrepreneurs, creatives, lawyers, technologists, and more combine to form @ConsenSys. We want to help build the #Ethereum ecosystem. These are our current 47 projects.”

Unlike the Ethereum (ETH) fund that is aimed at the issue of scalability, the ConsenSys project wants to make it easier for people to launch applications on the Ethereum platform. It aims to do this by eliminating any bottlenecks that might hinder the quick launch of Ethereum based applications.

With these two projects working together to make the Ethereum project better, you can be sure that the future of Ethereum is bright. In fact, at its current price of around $880, Ethereum is selling at a bargain going by the implications of the results of ECF and ConsenSys.  You can expect the value of Ethereum to skyrocket once the scalability platform and application development issues are solved.

Don’t miss out. This is definitely the best time to buy Ethereum (ETH) and wait for a breakthrough from these projects. Two teams compromised of the best blockchain engineering brains working together, will definitely give a solution sooner than you can imagine. You just need to buy and hold patiently.


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