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Populous token (PPT) users felt the extra burden as they watched their dreams of being able to buy a Lamborghini on the blockchain network taken away. Luxure Global Company (LGC), a luxurious rewards platform, had agreed to partner with Populous World Ltd. in November 2017 but have recently issued a statement on their website on an agreement to end the partnership between the two companies. However, the launching of the Beta test v 2.0 has raised the current optimism of investors and this news comes as a relief to the 21983 wallet address holders. The coin bounced back to over $30-mark this week after the launch of the beta version on 16th February. The coin currently trades at trade at $30.01.

Regulation and banning cryptocurrencies in South Korea and India, caused a panic sell off in the cryptocurrency market to levels last seen seven months ago. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization collapsed to over 40% from an all-time high of $835 billion to $350 billion.

Luxure Global Company (LGC) recently announced an agreement end to its partnership with Populous World Ltd. so as to launch its own LGC coin. The company also announced that it will offer its LGC coin to the affected PPT owners during its coming private sale.

“We sympathize with those affected by the unauthorized Populous World Ltd announcement of September 2017.” The announcement read. “As a result of this inconvenience, we will offer all those affected our forthcoming LGC-Coin at the initial private sale in the coming weeks.”

The blockchain-based company has however been able to shake off this troubles and shows promising signs of hitting the $100-mark in 2018. Recently, the Populous World Ltd. announced the beta release v2.0 of the platforms network.

We will offer all those affected our forthcoming LGC-Coin at the initial private sale in the coming weeks.

This new version of the invoice financing system allows the users to buy and sell invoices across a decentralized and secure network. This allows for increased access to liquidity to SMEs that sometimes have payments delayed up to 90 days causing a strain in raising their capital. The platform also offers an opportunity to make money off the ‘lazy cash’ that is held in the form of invoices through trading them in the network.

This development has captured the attention of enthusiasts, companies and investors as well with its price increasing by over 100% even after the strong bearish trend towards the end of January in the crypto market.

“This new version of the invoice financing system allows the users to buy and sell invoices across a decentralized and secure network.”

The interesting yet logical idea that Populous Toekn (PPT) adds to the blockchain technology and the world of cryptocurrencies is one of the factors that has enabled it to attain a market cap of $1,121,858,484.  Investors within the financial industry are open to the idea of trading invoices within the network as a solution to short term liquidity issues which leaves the altcoin with a very bright future.

Ranked 28th amongst cryptocurrencies, PPT has been increasing its trading volume steadily with the latest trade volumes indicating a change of +100% in trading volumes. Although the world of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile, PPT is among the few coins that have managed to preserve its value within a normal range for the last three months.

The failed Lamborghini dream will serve as a stepping stone to even greater height for Populous Token (PPT). As the coin looks to hitting the $50-mark before April, recent developments from the developing team offer positive reassurance to this price prediction. Populous development community release of beta test version 2.0 has put investors in a speculative mood with high hopes that this will push the price of PPT to over $100 in 2018.

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