OmiseGo (OMG) to become a global leader in blockchain technology

Omise, the Singaporean company that is the behind OmiseGO (OMG) blockchain project, was founded in 2013 a well-established company. It has offices in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.

Omise offers payment management systems for businesses. The company has an online store and mobile application where businesses can accept payments. In November 2017, the company successfully rolled out the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

They have also partnered with AliPay.

As one of their recent achievements towards boosting the users of their blockchain project, OmiseGO (OMG), the company recently took over Paysbuy, which is among the top three leading payment service provider in Thailand. This will act as a reliable source of OmiseGO active users.

With the OmiseGo Blockchain project, Omise has successfully integrated its payment management systems services with a decentralized Ethereum based technology. This will enable peer-to-peer transactions.
In addition to the team of experts leading in the development of the blockchain technology, there are also other parties involved in the development of the project; examples are: Vitalik of the Ethereum lead team, Poon of the Lead team of Lightning Net among others. This ensures that the network has a great team to bring out the best of services for its users.

OmiseGO (OMG) Major Announcements

Omise has been able to pull out some very important partnerships for the OmiseGo blockchain network. The most recent was with McDonalds Thailand. MacDonald Thailand announced that it will adopt OmiseGo as its payment channel. Considering that MacDonalds Thailand is a large investment with over 240 outlets, it will bring a lot of users into the OmiseGO blockchain network. This partnership acts as a major boost for Omise as it strives to become a major provider of stress-free payment solutions for clients in South East Asia.

Another recent partnership is the partnership with Credit Saison. Credit Saison is among the leading credit card companies in Japan.

Will the OmiseGo (OMG) Price go up any time soon, even with the partnerships?

Most of this major partnerships occurred late 2017, between October and November. However, the partnerships did not result in too much of market movements as would be anticipated. The value of the OMG token actually rose in December 2017 to early January, 2018 reaching above $26 per single token. Since then the price has been depreciating.

The main cause of the appreciation cannot really be attributed to the partnerships, but rather the increased financial activities around the festive season of December.

However, the OmiseGo blockchain project is still “young” and I believe it is still setting its operating base by forming partnerships. Once it has formed partnerships with a number of reputable companies, it will be able to acquire a wider pool of investors. It is just a matter of time before the OmiseGo (OMG) becomes a world leading cryptocurrencies with the likes of Ethereum and Bitcoin.



  1. they’re ethereum based, so none of this is likely. the whole thing needs to be re-written before we can even start to talk about leadership

    OMG needs to move to a modern blockchain with a lot more funding and partners like stellar, eos, neo, or icon

    1. On the contrary, I believe Ethereum technology especially the smart contract technology is the way to go for the new altcoins if they want to succeed. Unless there is another more modern Blockchain technology, for now i think that is the best.

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