Looking for coins under $1? Dent coin is a good one!

One of the best ways to make money in the crypto market is to find cheap altcoins that have the potential to grow, and stock up on them.  That’s how early investors made humongous returns on Ripple in 2017. If you are looking for the next one to go the Ripple way in 2018, you should probably consider Dent coin.
What is Dent (DENT) coin?

Dent coin is a cryptocurrency that aims to allow flexibility in the data market place. Through dent, one can sell any excess data they have in their package and make some money instead of unused data expiring with no benefit to the user.
Why Dent coin will hit $1

  1. Data is a high growth market

The data market is huge, and any product that can make it more efficient to consumers is guaranteed of consistent growth going into the long-run. That’s why the likelihood of Dent coin hitting $1 is quite high. The coin aims to decentralize the market in such a way that consumers can sell their excess data, on the Dent market place. For instance, if you are travelling for holiday and would not like your data plan to go to waste, you can sell it and make some money. That’s a concept that is guaranteed to grow exponentially once it hits the mass market, since people always want an opportunity to make some extra money from everything they do. Even a valuation of $10 is within sight for this coin.


  1. It is not yet listed on major exchanges

Any time a coin is listed on major exchanges, its price tends to shoot up. Looking at Dent’s current growth trajectory, it is quite clear that any listing on a major exchange will see its value explode. That’s because even while still listed on the smaller exchanges, Dent (DENT) has held its value up to this point. Once it gets listed on exchanges such as Bitfinex and Bittrex, investors will flock in and push its value to $1 and beyond. Already there are plans to list it on OKEX, one of the largest exchanges in the world. The future is bright!

  1. It has a working product

One of the reasons why many altcoins fail is because they are all hype and no substance. The backers pump the price then leave investors holding worthless tokens that later decline in value.  Dent is nothing like such coins. The platform has a working product and is working on partnerships with major Telco’s from all across the world.  As more partnerships come in, you can be assured that its price will hit $1 and beyond in the foreseeable future.
Where to buy Dent

Dent sounds like a great buy, right? But where do you buy it? Well, buying Dent is a pretty straightforward process. All you have to do is create an account with any of the exchanges where it is listed. Storing Dent after buying it is also not a problem. There is a diverse list of wallets where you can store it including hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger.

The dent (DENT) team clearly has everything figured out.  This is one of those coins that have the potential to give high returns in the long-run, once its utility becomes clear to the masses.


  1. I agree that DENT is a great project with great future potential, but it’s obviously irrelevant whether the price per token is below $1 or not. It makes zero sense to look for tokens under $1 each. If you have no understanding of what a market cap is, or how it relates to the price of a token, you should not be investing in crypto at all.

  2. One of the founder’s of DENT founded the software company Dovecot. Although, typically unheard of in the digital asset space Dent has Official Partnerships with Aquto,Datami and U20pia Mobile all of whom have connectivity contracts with telcom providers around the globe! AT&T & Verizon both have contracts with DENT as well.

    They also have a fully functioning,**LIVE** Product in the Dent IOS App allowing people to share,trade and monetize mobile data. Their IOS App between USA & Mexico has been so popular among users, its received requests via Movistar & Telcel Mexico for pre-paid SMS cards with higher amounts of data to accommodate users watching videos on their phone.

    DENT will also have an option within their app in which users can watch ads to earn mobile data.

    They’ve also inked a deal with Air Tel India exposing them to over 275 Million users!!! 275 Million Users!!

    I recently did some research on mobile data prices and access in Africa. I learned data prices and fees for cross boarder usage are extremely high. I also witnessed a professional,African soccer player MVP rewarded with cell phone data. That’s just how scarce,expensive and valuable mobile data is in many parts of the world.

    DENT will be releasing their Android App this month (FEB 26th. 2018 from the World Mobile Summit in Barcelona) .

    DENT has an experienced,diligent,development team, real use case,business model,business partners and a fully functional Apple App Store app on the market currently being used.

    They’ve recently opened centers in Singapore and have connectivity contracts in place in Brazil,India,Africa,USA,Mid East and Mexico.

    The FACT they have Contracts with Telco Companies can not be over stated.

    This is all too rare in the majority of the digital asset space and a breath of fresh air. Rather than focus on hype,they’ve let their live,working app do the talking.

    I’ve downloaded and used the DENT app. It’s quick and easy enough for a squirrel to use!

    This product is extremely useful to a majority of the world population and I wholeheartedly believe in DENT not to be confused with a dental blockchain product called “dentacoin” http://www.dentwireless.com

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