If you are looking to invest in an altcoin that is not too expensive, but also has a potential of high returns, then Verge (XVG) is definitely the coin to buy!

What is Verge?

Verge is a cryptocurrency that is built with a focus on privacy. In fact, it’s one of the most anonymous cryptos in the market.

Why invest in Verge (XVG) ?

  1. Verge has a supply cap

The best coins to invest in are those that have a limit to their supply. On this aspect, Verge is a great investment. Verge has a supply cap of 16.5 billion coins. Of these, 14 billon have already been minted. This means that in the long run, the demand for XVG will continue to grow relative to its supply. The result will be a growth in its price, which is great for people who invest now, when the price is still relatively low.

  1. It’s relatively cheap

Let’s face it, buying big coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum right now would not give you much profit, unless ofcourse you have lots of money to invest. That’s why you should be looking at low cost altcoins that you can buy in large numbers. Verge is one such coin, and at its current price of $0.11, it’s a relatively cheap buy. With the higher number of coins that you will receive in a purchase, any slight price rise will give you great profits.

  1. Privacy will continue to be a key cryptocurrency selling point

One of the reasons why cryptocurrencies have risen so much is due to their element of privacy and anonymity. However, over the years, many of them have lost that privacy and anonymity aspect. This is a major concern for investors especially with the increased cases of hacking of some of the major cryptos such as the recent Ethereum hack. With security and anonymity as one of its strong points, there is a good chance that it will grow in value over time, which makes it a good buy, while it’s relatively cheap.

  1. Verge is relatively stable

Unlike many other altcoins, XVG is relatively stable against bitcoin, Ethereum and the USD. This means that investors have a solid believe in the technical aspects of verge. This eliminates any fears you may have of coin being a pump and dump scheme like most altcoins out there. Its stability also means that you can invest in it for the long-term with solid fundamentals protecting you from an adverse negative price movement.

  1. It is trading on several exchanges

One of the key attributes of a good altcoin is the number of exchanges that is listed on. The more the number of exchanges; an altcoin is listed on, the better it is. That’s because it gets traded more, which grows its price, simply on the basis of demand and supply. On this basis, Verge is a great investment if you are looking for a highly liquid altcoin with great potential for growth.

Where to buy Verge (XVG)

You can buy verge from all the exchanges where it is listed. These are:


Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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  1. I like Verge quite a bit, but you cannot argue that it has great potential to grow in price relative to btc e eth and yet argue that it’s value tend to be stable relative to those coins. In the same vein, what is this thing about making more money with a price increase when you have a lot of coins (but the same amount invested) rather than fewer units or fractions of units of more expensove coins? (To readers: a 10% increase in the price of either leads to a 10% increase in the amount invested in either. But if you believe that people do fall for this sort of falsehood, then you might as well pretend you also do and consider the 11 cents a plus. You’d probably be correct.)

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